Centronic Guidelines


There is no place within our work for a “May be“. The most important thing for us is to be a professional partner for our customers developing absolute reliable products. Exact, save and always available.


Intelligent developments are the one side of success, precise realization is the other. Therefore care and detailed planning is necessary, especially for efficient production processes. Thus we guarantee completely highest product stability – from the first laboratory test up to the serial production.


We take highest care to a contineous Controlling of all production processes, thus we can guarantee consistent high quality standards. Standards, on which we can be always matched.


To make the good always still better, this is the motivation of our work. As scientists it is our stated aim to speed up innovations and to develop contineously our company and the products further.


At the end of our work is always the human being: The patient, whose quality of life is influenced by an exact diagnosis. With our products we can contribute our part to the best possible medical supply for these people.