Disinfectant - Centrovir

Covid-19 / Disinfectant

The Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) belongs as many other human pathogen viruses

like Influenza, Ebola, Mumps and Measles to the enveloped viruses. A deactivation by using

disinfectants is easier than at non enveloped viruses.

Based in the big needed quantities of disinfectants in the health sector caused in

the  worldwide Corona Crisis we have intensivied the production

of our disinfectant Centrovir.

Centrovir is a skin-compatible  disinfectant on Ethanolbasis according to the

recommendations of  the WHO and registered in Germany at the Federal Institute

for Occupational Safety and Health under number 88262.

The effectiveness of ethanolic solutions as given in our Centrovir for the hygienic hand

disinfection, also against Corona viruses, is ensured by using 3 ml and an exposure time of

30 seconds outside as well as within the patient care.

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